Best Free Ethereum »ETH« Faucets

Check out the best paid ethereum faucets of 2020 – all of them are legitimate, established, and paying Free Ether.

Ethereum Faucets

FAUCET LIST – The best faucets to get Ethereum for free
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List of Top Paying Ethereum »ETH« Faucets

Free-Ethereum HOT Ethereum (ETH)Direct60 Minutes50%reCaptchaGames-icon
Firefaucet Ethereum (ETH)Direct0 Minutes20%solvemediareCaptcha
Allcoins Ethereum (ETH)Direct3 Minutes25%solvemediareCaptchaMining-fontawsomegames-icon
Esfaucet Ethereum (ETH)Direct5 Minutes20%reCaptcha

  • reCaptcha-icon – Faucets using reCaptcha
  • SolveMedia-icon – Faucets using SolveMedia
  • mining-ico – Faucets give you the option to mine cryptos via your browser
  • game-icon – Faucets to earn crypto by playing games such as roulette, dice, blackjack, jackpot, hi-Lo, lottery, etc.


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