Not PayingBit Gold Trade – BitTradeGlold.com Hyip Review

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Bit Gold Trade – BitTradeGlold.com Hyip Review
Bit Gold Trade – BitTradeGlold.com Hyip Review

Add Time:18/12/2019
Our Investment:200 USD
Minimum Deposit:30 USD
Minimum Withdrawal:0.1 USD
Payouts: Manual
Referral:5% – 2% – %1
Accept:Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Payeer, Litecoin, Ethereum

In this post, we will review in detail a new investment site. BitTradeGlold HYIP project. BitTradeGlold offers 3 investment options to its investors with a daily and period-end return on investment.

One of the investment options offered by the site pays daily profit, while the other 2 investment options offer profit return at the end of the investment period.

BitTradeGlold is a new hyip investment project and the minimum investment limit required to participate in this project is 30 USD.

Those who wish to participate in this investment program can use payment methods such as perfect money, payeer, bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum, and bitcoin cash. The minimum withdrawal limit from the site is 0.10 USD. Payments are manual and are completed within a maximum of 24 hours.

About BitTradeGlold hyip project

BitGoldTrade consist of a team of professionals and experts focusses on cryptocurrency trading over multiple exchanges and markets and invest with top beneficial and profitable cryptocurrencies and gold. BitGoldTrade is a combination of careful preparation and fruitful work of experts in the field of cryptocurrency trading and investments.

BIT GOLD TRADE Investment Plans 

  • bitgoldtrade-invest-plan-2
  • bitgoldtrade-invest-plan-3

Now let’s talk about the investment plans of the bitgoldtrade hyip project. As mentioned earlier, the bitgoldtrade.com investment program has 3 different investment options. These investment options have 3 investment periods, 12 days daily, After 3 days and After 5 days, respectively.

Now let’s elaborate on these investment options:

  • %12 DAILY FOR 10 DAYS: The first investment option of the site. The investment plan has a 10-day investment period and a daily return on a profit of 12%. With a minimum investment limit of 30 USD, it is possible to have a 120% return on profit after 12 days.
  • %150 AFTER 7 DAYS: The minimum investment limit for this investment option, which offers a 150% profit return after 7 days, is 500 USD. You have to wait 7 days to issue a withdrawal order.
  • %225 AFTER 5 DAYS: The final investment plan promises investors a high return on profits with a 225% profit return after 5 days. The minimum investment limit for purchasing this investment package is 2,000 USD.

As seen above, BitGoldTrade has a profitable return on profit. Withdrawals are performed manually by the site. After you register you can log in to your account to view the details. Using the menu in your account, you can invest, order withdrawals, review your earnings history, and adjust your security settings. For those who want to make an investment, click the MAKE DEPOSIT tab in the menu and reach the page where the investment plans are located. You can easily invest by following the instructions on this page.

REFERRALS page is for those who want to make extra money. You can invite people to this project by using your referral link on this page and you can earn 5% from your partner’s investment. The referral bonus you receive will be credited to your account instantly.


As a result, BitGoldTrade has profitable investment plans. This site can be very popular in the Hyip sector next days. We, as Cryptofaucets.org, have added this project to the VIP LIST section of our HYIP monitor. Is bitgoldtrade.com scam or paying? we recommend that you visit our hyip monitor frequently to monitor the current status of the site. You can check HYIP status all-time on this page.

To learn more about bitgoldtrade.com, visit the ABOUT page of the site. You can share your thoughts about the site in the COMMENTS section below or share the evidence of your withdrawal.

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Bit Gold Trade – BitTradeGlold.com Review

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  1. Guys bitgoldtrade don’t pay out. Again please check the withdrawal. I have had my withdrawal pending since December guys. No email replies. I invested in the 225% package and they don’t pay guys. They might have paid 3dollars or so to people who then refer you in but don’t fall for the trap! I already did!

    They will will send you automated emails to make it look legit but guys they are stilling from people.

    Don’t fall for the trap please. I have always used mypassive trade and that’s always paid out. Bitgold don’t even have a social media page or face book group.

    Their contact number isn’t even valid and is not registered.

  2. Today payment ( 13/01/2020 )
    paid manual 0.00098717 BTC to my Bitcoin account 1JehDDQ7Nq51cMm2HNqwPXxPGH6wLvyg2v
    TxID: 1323d803727ba1c50827dcfcfa397d5252ace98357c0d8ce7d6b667f8d519f00


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