Best Crypto Faucets

Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Faucet List. get free cryptos every day from highest paying sites, Direct and Coinpot faucets 2020.

What are crypto faucets?

Crypto faucets are the name given to these online sites that allow us to obtain a small amount of cryptocurrency in exchange for very simple tasks. Often, you won’t even have to execute any action (at least not literally). Just by visiting the web pages, you can claim some free cryptocurrency and sent them to your wallet. Usually, a special wallet that allows us to make small transactions is used (Microwallets). That’s because they use small commissions so the transaction doesn’t get canceled. There are two main reasons to distribute cryptos for free: To popularize and to introduce cryptocurrencies.

How to use Crypto Faucets?

Crypto faucets functionality is very simple. First, you have to register on the faucet website. The account creation use to be very simple will just ask you for your name, e-mail, and password. Furthermore, you will have to link your crypto digital wallet where you receive your funds. If you don’t have a wallet already, you can create one using multiple alternatives online wallets. However, it would be ideal using a microwallet with a low commission to receive small amounts of altcoins money, you can use CoinPot, FaucetHub…ect for this. Once you have your account and linked to your wallet, you just have to wait for a determined timed to claim your free crypto. In some faucet sites, you will have to complete a very simple task to get access to your funds. For example: Resolve a CAPTCHA or watching an add. Your funds will accumulate and you have to wait till they reach a minimum (stablished by the faucet website) to withdraw them.

What is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a digital asset based on Cryptography. Cryptocurrencies operate independently of Central Banks, they do not have any type of regulation, as is the case with Euros or Dollars currencies. They use a system of transaction verification without the need for third parties, which is known as P2P. Another of its essential features is that most cryptos are open-source, transparent and honest, which allows security and confidence to the users.

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