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Find out more about NFT WHITE DRAGON – a hot coin in the trader community.

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Over time in the world, works of art are increasingly forgotten, the quintessence of art is no longer known to many people. Most people do not feel the great value that art brings.

Recognizing that, community White Dragon is researching and developing a technology project aimed to protect and bring art to the community, as well as bringing the work that was about right for the price of its initial value.

That project is White Dragon Coin (WDG), please refer to the information below…

What is White Dragon coin (WDG)?

White dragon is an NFT marketplace platform, when you own any card it is your property and it cannot be recreated or destroyed.
White dragon carries with it the important mission of protecting the created works of art.
WDG token is a non-fungible token on the White Dragon platform


Advantages of the WDG
White dragon has many advantages, becoming the wise choice of everyone, every home.

Low transaction costs, fast transaction speed
Large user community
Supported on major and reputable Defi exchanges
Passive farming, 3% of the transactions are distributed to the holders
Optimizing community profits
Completely decentralized
Own NFT through WDG token
Locked in long-term liquidity
Potential to increase price over time thanks to scarcity

The project development process is divided into 6 phases:

State 1 :

Building the admin team, completing the White Dragon website
Building social media channels and sites such as: facebook, telegram, instagram, twitter…
Community polling and charity building
Preparing for listing WDG
Officially launched White Dragon

State 2:

Research, change new look for Website
Strong, continuous communication to maintain community and enhance value
More development on the admin team
Research and develop DEX/ Swap/ Farm platform
Listing on PancakeSwap

State 3:

Research on the technology NFT
Research and develop the marketplace to buy and sell and develop NFT in the form of cards in a collection called “Dragon Collection”
Maintain communication, build charity and prepare for the next stage

State 4:

List WDG on major international P2P exchanges such as binance, houbi
Link to put WDG on cryptos like CoinMarketCap, LiveCoinWatch…
Research and optimize technology for virtual reality games

State 5:

Launching a war game called Dragon Combat
Researching technology to bring games closer to players
Set up representative offices in large community countries
Focus on developing charity fund through auction of collections
Maintain communication to increase value for money

State 6:

Bringing Dragon Combat game to major distribution platforms such as Xbox, playstation,…
To develop more study promotion funds, those who are passionate about art will be supported
Organizing general exhibition events around the world.


With the noble mission of protecting the arts and having many incentives for those who are passionate about art, I believe that in the future White Dragon will be supported by many people. Hope the project develops actively, seeks and retains great values of art.

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