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How to build a Pancakeswap clone script ?

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Pancakeswap clone script is a decentralized exchange that is built on Binance smart chain via Automated Market Maker (AMM) and yield farming. It is a food based token like sushi swap. The users can swap between assets by tapping user generated liquidity pools. You can also stake your coins for better lottery winnings. Pancakeswap clone is a Defi based decentralized exchange that has similar functionalities to Pancakeswap.

Whitelabel pancakeswap clone script that allows customization based on the user’s requirement that operate similar pancakeswap running over Binance smart chain. Wealwin Technologies, the Defi development company has the experienced Defi experts develops hassle free and decentralized finance based Pancakeswap exchange on the Binance Smart chain (BSC). The experts here are well versed in building a perfect pancake clone script for your crypto business thereby enabling your business to indulge in crypto innovation instantly.

How does your Pancake Swap work for your users?

Pancakeswap clone script is a trending Defi project in the market. It has several process undergone through, they are,

  • We can deposit the cryptos which are maintained in liquidity pools.
  • Users can earn liquidity provider tokens and Flip tokens.
  • Staking cakes helps the users to earn reward through staking pools.
  • Users can earn trading fees by providing liquidity to the users.
  • Automated Market Maker helps to buy and sell orders directly with alternate accounts.

Features of Pancakeswap clone script :

  1. Automated market making 
  2. High speed Transaction.
  3. Reduced trading fee.
  4. Liquidity
  5. Yield farming 
  6. Non Fungible Token provision
  7. Integrated security Protocol
  8. Rewards for the users

PancakeSwap clone working Mechanism :

    1. Liquidity addition - This platform considers the funds and promotes them as a liquidity provider.
    2. Possessed token specification - This includes the token possessed by the participant to make use of it.
    3. Verify the transaction process - After specifying the type of token the user will be able to verify the transaction on the exchange platform.
    4. Wallet integration - The user should be recognized with valid wallets for transactions.
    5. Token use case specification - In token use case specification, pancakeswap clone concentrates on token usability and token utility. 
    6. Specify the token to be changed - According to the user’s requirement the type of the token can be assigned to exchange.
    7. Confirm the progress - By completing the exchange of assets, the user will be made to confirm the validity of the progress.

Wealwin Technologies provides highly secured Binance smartchain based Pancakeswap clone script to start your own Defi based decentralized exchange instantly.  

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Pancakeswap Clone script is DeFi Exchange built over BinanceSmartChain with Automated Market Maker, Liquidity pools, Smart-contract, lottery, Staking, Farming,
etc. Pancakeswap clone script that has complete source to launch DeFi Exchange like Pancakeswap with similar features and Functionalities.

Features of Pancakeswap Clone Software:


The Pancake swap clone software has an automated market maker (“AMM”) that facilitates the exchange of two tokens to be exchanged on the Binance Smart Chain.


Just like how users can earn CAKE with yield farms in Pancake swap, your users can earn your DeFi platform’s native token through Staking, and earn even more
tokens with liquidity pools.


To win the lottery jackpot (50% of the lottery pool), your users need to match all 4 numbers on their tickets (tickets can be bought by paying one/more native
tokens) in the exact position as the four winning numbers. Rewards are guaranteed even if two numbers are matched with the winning number.

Farming & Staking

Pancakeswap clone script provides liquidity to traders and your platform rewards your users with your native tokens. Major tokens supported in Pancakeswap are
as follows:


Voting Options:

Offer your platform users the ability to vote for any required updates in exchange for better trade. Such governance rights make the platform highly lucrative.

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