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NFT White Dragon Giveaway / Airdrop 400,000 WDG Token

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White Dragon, denoted as WDG is the name of an upcoming virtual currency. WDG is expected to be launched in June 2021 and is based in the UK.
It is an NFT platform created with the mission of protecting works of art. When you possess any 1 card, it is yours and cannot be regenerated or destroyed.

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What is White Dragon coin (WDG)?


  • White dragon is an NFT marketplace platform, when you own any card it is your property and it cannot be recreated or destroyed.
  • White dragon carries with it the important mission of protecting the created works of art.
  • WDG token is a non-fungible token on the White Dragon platform.


Advantages of the WDG


  • White dragon has many advantages, becoming the wise choice of everyone, every home.
  • Low transaction costs, fast transaction speed
  • Large user community
  • Supported on major and reputable Defi exchanges
  • Passive farming, 3% of the transactions are distributed to the holders
  • Optimizing community profits
  • Completely decentralized
  • Own NFT through WDG token
  • Locked in long-term liquidity
  • Potential to increase price over time thanks to scarcity

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