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On September 3, FairWorld's global launch, 10 highlights to help you embark on the road to wealth

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Good news! According to industry veterans, the international anonymous project FairWorld will be officially launched in the United States, Russia and other European and American regions on September 3, and on September 5 in Asia Pacific and other regions of the world.


Starting from the "FairWorld Messenger Order" that detonated industry topics, FairWorld has successfully attracted the attention of some industry groups. From the subsequent outflow of relevant information, market investors have gradually learned about the decentralized superstring universe loop mechanism adopted by FairWorld. Mechanism is the underlying logic of a project's operation, and is the core factor that determines how far the project can go and how much investors will ultimately benefit. FairWorld's mechanism directly faces the fatal mechanism defect of all previous projects-unsustainable, the world's first Ark sustainability plan, which thoroughly guarantees the continuous retention and update of ecological network users and capital flows. Of course, the Ark Project is only one of the core highlights of the system. According to the current market information, FairWorld has the following 10 highlights:


  1. It takes 500 days for craftsmanship and cost tens of millions;
  2. More than 100 lines of smart contract code are open and open source;
  3. The model is on the chain, the asset is on the chain, and the destruction address is on the chain, all data chains can be checked;
  4. 100% open and transparent, 100% open source, 100% hard wave ratio, the world's top closed-loop design;
  5. The top-level "Turing algorithm" intelligent risk control, perfectly avoids human greed.
  6. Unique, high-dimensional top-level design concept: "Universe Circulation" as the philosophical basis, "Superstring Theory" as the operating mechanism basis, blockchain as the underlying technology basis, and Euler (Beta) function algorithm global Initiated the Ark Sustainability Plan to create a truly decentralized superstring universe loop network.
  7. The first project that does not cover up the problem of the project, actively exposes the problem and solves the problem.
  8. The static is released every day, and the experience is good and stable; the dynamic is simple and vigorous, the dynamic and static are linked, the logic is closed, the innovation is subtle, and there is no worries.
  9. White hole F20 goes in and out, a game of human nature. No limit is the biggest limit.
  10. Perfect fusion of Eastern and Western scientific and philosophical ideas, and hit the depths of thought and soul.


There is no doubt that Fair World will detonate a new wave of wealth storms across the world. This time, let us become FairWorld messengers together, gather wealth creation and dream teams, and join hands in the journey of wealth!

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