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ViaBTC|EDCON Is Coming Soon, Drawing A Lot of Attention from the Ethereum Community

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According to news, the 5th Community Ethereum Development Conference (EDCON) 2021 will be held online from August 27 to August 29. The conference will be broadcast live to users from all over the world. As one of the largest conferences in the Ethereum community and the blockchain field, EDCON enjoys a high reputation in the Ethereum community. It has been held in Paris, Toronto, and Sydney for the past years. However, due to the recent Covid-19 pandemic, the last two EDCON sessions were held online, but still received a lot of attention from the Ethereum community.

This year, EDCON has received a large number of Ethereum and blockchain scholars, developers, researchers, founders, CEOs, and CTOs of popular projects, as well as members of the Ethereum community. For the time being, speakers confirmed at EDCON 2021 include Ethereum’s co-founder Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum Foundation’s executive director Aya Miyaguchi, Ethereum’s core researcher Danny Ryan, Optimism’s CTO Karl Floersch, Gitcoin’s founder Kevin Owocki, etc.

At last year’s EDCON, dozens of professionals representing the forefront development of Ethereum discussed core issues such as ETH 2.0, DeFi, Layer 2 ecosystem, DApp, and cross-chain technology. This year, the Ethereum Foundation will also elaborate on the development, application and future development of Ethereum 2.0, and join the discussion on the technical hits such as Layer 2 and privacy computing.

Today’s Ethereum is largely credited to the community. After six years of development, the Ethereum community has grown into one of the blockchain technology communities with the largest number of developers in the world, and has gradually realized the transition from ETH 1.0 to ETH 2.0 as laid out in the Ethereum roadmap. Since the last EDCON, Ethereum has successfully launched the beacon chain and completed Ethereum London Upgrade, one of the most important hard fork upgrades before ETH 2.0.

In the roadmap of Ethereum 2.0, a total of three important phases are required: the launch of the beacon chain, the merger of the PoW chain and the beacon chain, and sharding. So far, Ethereum has completed the initial goal of the first phase. 210,000 validators have participated in the verification of the Ethereum beacon chain, staking a total of more than 7 million ETH, that is, approximately 7% of the current total supply. All these figures show the high expectation among the Ethereum community and users for Ethereum 2.0.

At present, Ethereum London Upgrade has been successfully completed, and the Ethereum community is embarking on the second phase of merger. After the merger, Ethereum will switch to a Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism which will slash Ethereum’s transaction fees and speed up transaction confirmation. Besides, the large number of validators on the beacon chain as we can see today can effectively prevent excessive centralization arising from the centralization of accounting rights.

Previously, Pyrmont, the Ethereum 2.0 testnet, has completed the Altair upgrade, the first hard fork of the Ethereum beacon chain. At present, the Altair upgrade is going smoothly, and the Ethereum technical staff will also shift their focus to the merger of ETH1 and ETH2 after the Altair upgrade. And in Ethereum London Upgrade, EIP-3554 postponed the difficulty bomb to December. At the same time, word has it that there is likely to be another postponement, so the merger of Ethereum 2.0 would probably take place next year.

At last year’s EDCON, Ethereum’s core researchers detailed the testnet and the plan and direction of EIP-1559. This year, members of the Ethereum Foundation will also continue to lay out the follow-up roadmap of ETH2 and related technical design. At the same time, founders of Gitcoin, Fuel, Chainlink, Loopring and other projects will also share their opinions on the ecosystem and application development of Ethereum 2.0. If you’re interested in Ethereum, you can follow the dynamics of this conference to get updated on its future development.

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