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(ANN) Causevest Coin - Take Back Control Of Your Transaction Fees With XCV

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 We are a team of old school crypto enthusiasts building a blockchain that incorporates some of the original ideas suggested by the bitcoin development team but never implemented.

 Causevest Coin (XCV) is a new cryptocurrency  where coin holders vote to decide who should receive the networks transaction fees.

We are currently raising funds through a ERC20 - XCV Collective Vesting token to pay for protocol development.  


How to buy XCV


  1. ([url= ]BUY FROM THE WEBSITE (RECOMMENDED)[/url]) You can buy directly on our website with BTC or ETH using deposit addresses created when you register you don't need an ETH address for this as a record of your holdings are stored on the site.


Just register use our calculator to work out how much XCV your buying and send a crypto/fiat deposit this is the cheapest  and safest option  you can then withdraw XCV to your wallet when your ready.


  1. ([url= ]BUY FROM UNISWAP[/url]) You can buy directly from our Uni swap contract you will need an ETH address for this the tokens are called[u] Collective Vesting Tokens[/u].


  1. (BUY FROM EXCHANGES) ( Coming Soon)

[center][b]**Only 25% of the XCV coins are available at the soft cap price of 0.024 usd rising to 0.14 usd afterwards**[/b]




 What started off as some guy sitting in a field full of cows is now becoming a purpose built altruistic base layer protocol with all the trimmings every XCV Collective Vesting Token purchased will be convertible into 1 Causevest Coin when the Aplha is released to the public. 


1.Causevest Coin[/b]  – A New Standalone Blockchain For Good - (In Development First Release Q3 2021 )

2. Browser Extension – The causevest extension acts as a gateway connecting you to the causevest network. It puts a private messaging system for the Causevest community in your browser, links to your Causevest account giving you the ability to vote for good causes that you find online based on the amount of XCV you own.


[url= g" target="_blank"> g"/> [/img][/url]


[url= ]Our Chrome Extension Is Complete 

ERC20 XCV Tokens – Our tokens are available for purchase from our website and actually have a direct use case as owners can affect our monthly voting helping to decide which causes receive funding through our network

[b]Digital Giving Platform[/b] – Actually developed but we decided to give it a complete overhaul and integrate XCV on launch so its currently in development you can play with the dummy site at


**XCV Coin holders support our development**


XCV coin holders can also benefit by running nodes passively


earning yields of 12.5% Pa  and  83% Pa if you hold more than 100,000 XCV

Our new protocol POC ( Proof of Cause) solves numerous issues one of which is lowering the barrier to entry into the cryptocurrency income generation


Thank you for reading we are mostly on TELEGRAM  if you want to say hello 



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We have the extension available to download :) :)

Please find the link below.

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