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Back in may, the crypto market was hit pretty hard. Most assets lost 70% to 80% of their initial trading value. Some analysts who had earlier projected massively bullish predictions all turned bearish. The months that followed saw most alt coins decimated while BTC continued to trade sideways in ranges. The market has since recovered following the crash. However, the market has significantly seen large volumes coming in that saw the price of most assets slowly gain momentum. Bitcoin was not left out in these pumps but the question that remains is ‘ are BTC bulls back or are we experiencing a short squeeze. The initial psychological resistance of 46k has been broken and so far  analysts are eyeing 50k if volume is sustained. One factor that may have influenced the pump in price of BTC remains institutional adoption and involvement. Crypto companies like microstrategy continues to Hodl through the crash , reassuring retail traders that the future of BTC is built for long term utility. Investing in the crypto market is and will always be the best play for anyone looking to explore a financial market that isn’t just liquid but is set to be at the forefront of the next fintech evolution. As a crypto enthusiast, I would advise any newbie to seek trading advises, signals or educational materials and mentorship while investing with a veteran trader who has been through the different market cycles and understands the volatility associated with a liquid market as crypto. One of such traders I will recommend is Ann Bargy of CRYPTOSTATION.  I must confess it was not an easy task to learn the routes on trading but with the assistance of Ann Bargy it was more easy to understand, Here are her details on: Tel: egram: @   AnnBargy .  She has an active and educational group with members that are most ready to assist anyone with knowledge and also the group features daily crypto news and materials posted to help anyone with questions. Remember a bullish market is reversed bearish market. 

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