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Best faucet-xfaucets | Free faucet | 10 cryptocurrencies | Daily Claim

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xfaucets-free faucet for 10 cryptocurrencies in ten-minute⭐​


*Satisfy you with ten cryptocurrencies at once

*Apply for a claim every ten minutes

*No minimum withdrawal amount

*No pop-up ads


Just use the icoinpay ( wallet address to register on the website, and you can get 10 kinds of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), etc. for free at xfaucets .


BTC:Claim up to 40 satoshi every 10 mins

DOGE:Claim up to 500000 dogecoin every 10 mins

XLM:Claim up to 500000 satoshi every 10 mins

BCH:Claim up to 500 satoshi every 10 mins

DASH:Claim up to 1000 duff every 10 mins

BNB:Claim up to 1000 satoshi every 10 mins

ETH:Claim up to 100 gwei every 10 mins

LTC:Claim up to 1000 litoshi every 10 mins

XRP:Claim up to 500000 satoshi every 10 mins

TRX:Claim up to 500000 satoshi every 10 mins


Click me to join:



This faucet website has two major advantages:


1. A website contains 10 currencies, the interface is also very clean, there are not too many annoying advertisements

2. You can claim once in 10 minutes, and there is no threshold for withdrawal, you can immediately withdraw to coinpay


Referral rewards-


Level 1-Direct referral: 25% each time your level 1 user claims income

Level 2-Invited by your friends: 10% each time your level 2 users claim income







*Claim up to 1 doge every 30 minutes

 *Unlimited Claim

 *No Minimum Payout

 *No Pop-up ads


 Just register on the site using the faucetpay wallet address, then you can claim unlimited dogecoin. He instantly withdraws, automatic into the faucetpay claim. Just reload the site everytime you claim.


Registered faucet:

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