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Hey, take a look at this post if you've ever interacted with DeFi scam projects(RugPulls,Honeypots)

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CryptoScamDefence(CSD) will be an important feature that you'll utilize before interacting/investing in Crypto(DeFi) projects.
There will be 13 algorithms(more coming in the future), and a professional community voice that will be integrated into a dashboard ( usable on Desktop, Android, IOS).

With the Dashboard, you'll be able to check an individual score given by the algorithms and the community voice (0-100) that represents the risk of investing in the respective project.

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One of the criteria to be listed on CoinMarketCap ( and CoinGecko ( is to have 3k Telegram users in our main group.
We need 2540 more members and we'll be successfully integrated on those 2 platforms.

A project’s usefulness is largely a function of adoption and its ability to foster meaningful interactions with its community and user base.
Let's build a strong community, together

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