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How does Rarible Clone Script Work?
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Rarible is a decentralized software that allows artists and creators to issue and sell crypto assets and their digital arts which represents the ownership for all their digital works. On the other hand, Rarible is a popular NFT marketplace that supports crypto assets or goods that perform trading without the involvement of the Middle man which is carried on an Ethereum distributed blockchain network.

How does Rarible Clone Script Work?

The platform or NFT marketplace launched with our Rarible clone script works in the same way as rarible. Here are the working steps of our Rarible Clone Platform,The platform aims in linking sellers or creators such as digital artists, meme creators, model makers, and more with buyers who wish to buy those pieces of works.

Step 1 :
For turning digital works into NFT, creators must mint a token using our Rarible clone software.
Step 2 :
To mint, creators must fill out a form and attach their image or other data such as their listing price and more which represent their works.
Step 3 :
After this step, our platform creates a new token on the blockchain network (Ethereum - preferred while building platform)
Step 4 :
These NFT tokens can be transferred between wallets using Rarible clone software.
Step 5 :
When the transaction goes live on the platform, both buyer and seller have to pay transaction fees to the Rarible clone platform.

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