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How does the Escrow System work in Remitano Clone Script?

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Remitano clone script has been connecting the cryptocurrency buyers and sellers using its escrow service. This escrow service holds the money while both parties make a trade. The person whoever is on a selling side sends their cryptos to the remitano clone escrow rather than sending it directly to the buyer. After getting the confirmation of received payment from the other party, their crypto will be released to the buyer. 

Thus the escrow system is designed to protect people and intended to help reduce the chances of getting scammed. so it is almost safe for the traders to use.

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Are you guys interested in starting a crypto business by developing an exchange like Remitano using the Remitano clone script? Congrats!!! You are in the right place.


Remitano clone script is a ready-to-launch crypto exchange software that helps in developing a stunning crypto exchange like Remitano. This clone script is integrated with the Escrow security feature to ensure high safety while carrying out transactions. Let me explain its function in detail.


  • Once the trade matches between the buyer and seller, The buyer will proceed further by transferring the particular amount to the seller. After the seller receives the payment notification, the seller transfers cryptocurrency to the buyer. All this process is carried out with the ESCROW security feature which holds both the payment avoiding the direct transaction between buyer and seller.


  • Only after the confirmation, it releases the crypto to the buyer and the payment to the seller. The main purpose of using this ESCROW security feature is to eliminate spam and to ensure high safety to the users.


Sounds great right!! But the big question is where to get this ESCROW integrated Remitano clone script? No worries! I have analyzed many providers in the crypto market. Coinsclone grabbed my attention. They offer bug-free crypto exchange clone software. 


Get in touch with them to know more about their Remitano clone script!

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