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Impossible to not make money.

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You can’t buy them yet. But, you can mine them in the cloud for FREE. Doesn’t eat your battery or your data. 100% risk free. They use a portion of your cloud services that you get with your phone service each month. Most people don’t even use half of their available cloud. And you are all but guaranteed to make money on both coins.
zero cost + Thousands of coins mined x whatever the market says they are worth when they hit the market = YOU WILL MAKE AT LEAST SOME MONEY.
And since both apps can be downloaded from the Apple App Store, you can be assured that they are legitimate coins.

But, you must be invited to be able to sign up.
The more aggressively you recruit new miners, the higher the rate at which you mine your coins.

I know what your thinking. Your thinking pyramid scheme. But, it isn’t. While I benefit by recruiting more miners, I don’t benefit 1 iota from anyone you recruit. You do.
All in all, both these coins are at different stages of pre launch. And both of them are getting rolled out in a different way than any coin before them. All coins before benefited only a handful of whales.
These 2 coins are rolling out like this to benefit the average Joe Lunchbucket.
The first coin is Pi. It will launch late this year. You have time to mine a few thousand coins if you go out and recruit aggressively.
I am sending you 1π! Pi is a new digital currency developed by Stanford PhDs, with over 10 million members worldwide. To claim your Pi, follow this link https://minepi.com/rickmorrisjr and use my username (rickmorrisjr) as your invitation code.

The 2nd coin is BEE. It will launch in the 3rd quarter of next year. So, you have ample time to mine 10s of thousands of them.

Here is my referral link for BEE Network. Get 1 free BEE when you join BEE: Referral code: rickmorrisjr1. Download at https://bee.games/download.html

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