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Introducing Ragnafi on the Binance Smart Chain

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We are thrilled to announce the launch of Ragnafi on the Binance Smart Chain. Ragnafi can be described as a one-stop shop for all things DeFi and NFTs. No more jumping between dapps looking for different functionality. If you’re looking to Play games, Try your luck, Mint NFTs, Swap, Farm, or earn rewards then Ragnafi is the place for you. 


NFTs are a booming technology. How do we dive into that vast world you ask? Ragnafi is your answer for that too. From NFT creation and marketplaces to our exciting 3D NFT worlds, you can experience art, music, gifs and game properties in one unified space.


We are bringing you DeFi solutions that give you the ability to earn $RGN through farming and staking. However, the ability to earn $RGN passively through the RGN Auto Investor tool (RAI) is what makes Ragnafi a very appealing project.


How does the RAI work?


The RGN Auto Investor is a built-in rewards feature in the token's smart contract that allows users to get an automated profit share from ecosystem fees. By simply holding RGN you will automatically earn without needing to stake or lock away your tokens.


NFT Platform


As previously stated, the Ragnafi NFT platform allows you to produce, store, and sell NFTs. These are the fundamentals of NFT marketplaces; however, we want to introduce a world’s first ever 3D NFT virtual space in the near future, allowing you to interact with your Ragnafi NFTs in a live, breathing virtual open world.


Liquidity mechanics


On a secured DEX, 4% of the transaction fee will be used to provide RGN liquidity. This mechanism expands the liquidity pool automatically, hence, improving price stability and enabling higher trading volumes for RGN tokens.



Ragnafi is a BEP20 token that is made hyper-deflationary as a result of both automatic and manual token burns that will begin prior to launch and will be triggered if certain company milestones are accomplished. To make it even more deflationary, 1% of transaction fees will be used to buy back and burn RGN tokens.

Maximum supply of Ragnafi: 1 Trillion


When will these features be available?

Our roadmap has just just gone live. Our relatively small development team is well on it’s way with the completion of Phase 1 of development, ensuring  a successful launch. Once Phase 1 is done we hope to expand our development team, along with the other vital teams, so that we can fast track the development of the future phases.


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