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Is Unirealchain a scam project?

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"Is Unirealchain - UNR a scam project" is definitely the top concern of investors, so let's go to clarify the problem to solve the questions.

What is Unirealchain?

Unirealchain - UNR is the leading online cross-border trading real estate platform allowing investors access to valuable and highly profitable property. By tokenizing projects on the blockchain platform, Unirealchain opens up real estate investment opportunities, becoming a new source of finance for investors with financial potential and investors with little capital.

 Unirealchain's Highlights?

The tokenization and digitization of assets have opened a new era for the real estate market and completely changed investing and approaching projects.

Unirealchain is trying to create a common standard for real estate transactions and purchases on a global scale.

UnirealPortal is considered as Unirealchain's breakthrough in helping investors have an overall view of the project. Never before has it been easier and faster to look up information such as price history, location, and owner of real estate projects. In addition, Unirealchain's experienced team will analyze and give real estate recommendations by area updated hourly. Therefore, investors will objectively assess the project's profitability, making investment decisions at the right time and accurately.

Thanks to the use of digital signatures, Unirealchain has shortened the time for signing real estate contracts between investors and owners.

Another highlight of the project comes from the UnirealWallet wallet. It creates a sense of peace of mind for investors when they can manage their own Private Key and all types of assets themselves. 

Besides, users can also earn profits from staking or experience the convenience of paying via UnirealWallet at transaction points that have signed contracts with Unirealchain.

With its changes, Unirealchain will bring users an “All in One” experience in the future.

Is Unirealchain a scam?

To answer whether Unirealchain is a scam, let's analyze the following aspects of the project to find the answer.

  1. Products

Unirealchain's products are real products and not banned in Vietnam or worldwide. A newbie might hear terms like Certificates, Fractional Real Estate quite vaguely. But for financial investors, there is nothing strange in the stock market. Furthermore, the money of the latter participant is to buy real, documented financial products and not to pay interest to the former.

  1. Legal

Unirealchain currently has two headquarters in Singapore and Vietnam:

  • Singapore: 200 Jalan Sultan, #05-02 Textile Centre Singapore
  • Vietnam: HPC Landmark 105, To Huu Street, La Khê Ward, Ha Dong District, Hanoi

Press interest in Unirealchain: There have been many major newspapers reporting on Unirealchain. Those interested can follow at:

  1. Clarity Roadmap
  • Q3/2020: Building Unirealchain Idea and MVP idea
  • Q3&Q4/2020: Alpha product development: UnirealEx and UnirealWallet
  • Q2&Q3/2021: Alpha product development: UnirealSwap and Unirealchain Blockchain Testnet.
  • Q3/2021: Website, Whitepaper, Launch IDO, and Token Listing
  • Q4/2021: Beta UnirealSwap User Testing
  • Q1/2022: Release UnirealSwap and UnirealWallet version 1.0
  • Q2/2022: Beta UnirealEx User Testing
  • Q3&Q4/2022: Release UnirealEx Ver 1.0, Client onboard, Android và iOS
  • Q1&Q2/2023: UnirealPortal Beta Testing
  • Q2/2023: Release UnirealPortal version 1.0
  • Q4/2023: Unirealchain Blockchain Mainnet
  1. Unirealchain Team

Unirealchain development team has rich experience in the field of startups and blockchain. Unirealchain embraces challenges to create and develop innovative products.


  • Nguyen Thai Hoc –  CEO & Founder: Investors, programmers - Experienced in the field of Blockchain and cryptocurrency.
  • Ngo Ngoc Huan – Founder & CTO: With more than 7 years of working experience in the Blockchain field, all products and technical issues of Unirealchain are handled by Mr. Huan.
  • Nguyen Dinh Nam – Founder & CMO: 10 years of experience in community building, brand promotion.
  • Kikian Peter Krings – Digital Marketing: He has worked with more than 10 different projects during the ICO, STO, or IEO phase and raised over 40 million USD between 2016 and 2019.
  • Tony Thanh Nguyen – Real Estate Expert: Chairman of Welcome Real Estate PTY LTD, has 28 years of living and working in Australia.
  • …..
  1. Trusted Partner

Unirealchain has received many cooperation invitations from significant partners such as Coinsbit, Hotbit, Certik, Hamubay,...

Unirealchain has signed a contract with strategic partner Hamubay - The first beachfront urban real estate project in Vietnam with a scale of up to 130ha and a total investment of up to $1 billion invested by Truong Phuc Hai Construction Investment Company. HHamubay is encrypted by Unirealchain on the Blockchain technology platform, applying joint purchase of real estate and trading as NFT digital assets on the UnirealEx exchange. With the number of assets in the Hamubay project, Unirealchain is entirely confident that it can operate continuously and stably without finding additional real estate sources to digitize for up to 5 years. 

How to Profit on the Unirealchain Platform

With investment participation on Unirealchain's platform, investor profits are diversified with  many sources:

  • Staking: Users can use UNR to stake and receive rewards on the UnirealSwap platform. The more transactions processed, the higher the liquidity, the higher the profit from staking.
  • Investment - Asset Appreciation: Profit from real estate investment on Unirealchain's platform driven by two sources: real estate price increase and leasing. 
  • Trading: Investors can unlock the token and transfer it to a trading wallet for trading cryptocurrency or NFT tokens.

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