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RARX Rare Earth Opportunity Fund (LAUNCHING in September 2021)

Worlds’ first and largest De-Fi Fund focussed on the immense opportunity provided by Rare-Earth Elements.

Uses of RARX Token - Exploring, Mining, Refining of Rare Earth Elements.

Rare Earth Elements - They are the future of all technology in the world and nothing can work without Rare Earth Elements be it Mobile Phones, 5G, CT Scan, PET Scan, TVs, LED Lights, Electric Vehicles,Smart Missiles and Bombs, Fighter Aeroplanes, Nuclear Submarines, Stealth/cloaking technology and whatever high end technology comes to your mind; nothing works without them.

Market Size Rare Earth Elements - In the year 2019 was valued at USD 19 billion annually and will reach over USD 25 billion by 2026.

The ICO will be listed at a premium of 25% over pre-ico sales.
Burning of 10% tokens will happen on listing on Exchange.
RARX Coin holder = Improving the livelihoods of mining communities and help in their upliftment in society & minimizing the environmental impact of Rare Earth Mining and Refining.

5% of total coins will used in Airdrop.

Symbol- RARX.

Initial Value- 1 BNB = 42200 RARX.

Your Investment Will Give You (100x) times more.

Website -

Telegram -

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