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Sinstake Network, a Staking Pool Provider for Any BEP20 Asset!

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🆘 Succesfully Launched it's First Pool Yesterday!!

🏆 Just in 20 Hours After 1st Pool Launch:
30% of the Total SIN Supply Already Locked in Contract!

🎯 MarketCAP: Just 279k USD


✅ Successfully Raised 150 BNB (Hardcap) on Presale.
🔐 %100 of BNB Collected and the LP Locked for 265 Years.

😋 Presale Price: 1 SIN Token = 0.035 USD
😮 Current Price: 1 SIN Token = 0.028 USD

⚡️ What Problem Does it Solve?
Any bep20 Token will be able open pools on their platform. Even if they don't have necessary experience or a developer, they can just apply to SINSTAKE Partnership Program and open their own staking pools. This will help many tokens to create use-case, increase scarcity of their tokens in circulation and will also increase the total TVL on Sinstake Platform.

🚀Why Sinstake going to Moonshot?

- First of All, $SIN Token has only 270k USD mCap right now.

- According to their roadmap 3 pools will be opened only in 1 month after the launch. The first one, SIN Staking Pool, just launched today and the next one will be released 10 days later. Also some percentage of upcoming pools will always keep feeding previous pools.

- It has the most fair tokenomics i saw once in a while. %90 of total supply allocated for presale & exchange listing and the remaining %10 allocated for Prize Pool Fund. (%20 of Prize Pool Fund will be sent to SIN Dividend Pool / weekly)

- The Dev is a very passionate hard working guy and the team is full of professionals. They delivered everything they said up to this date and this is just the beginning.

Come on guys, let's moonshot this to the end 🚀🚀🚀🚀

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