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Steps to launch your own ICO

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Overview Of ICO:

Initial coin offering platforms offer a secure and reliable way to create and launch  ICO tokens for raising capital. Capital investments are made by potential investors through the purchase of an ICO token with digital currencies. The tokens are representations of an asset or utility in the blockchain. The tokens are fungible and tradeable.

Advantages of launching an ICO:

Quickness, easiness, efficiency - The process of handling an initial coin offering is easier, cheaper, and faster in comparison to other fundraising mechanisms.

Easy marketing – It can be easily advertised through online marketing.

Engagement of the target audience – You can easily communicate with your target audience via social networks, blogs, Slack, and Telegram channels.


Here are the steps to launch your own ICO

Conceive your Idea!

It is important to have a genuine reason for carrying out an initial coin offering. In conceiving

your idea, it is necessary to figure out the reason for carrying out your project and to also

map out the best way to merge the new coin into the project.

Set up a Team

To launch an initial coin offering and attract serious-minded investors, it is necessary to

have a skilled team of experts in diverse relevant fields. Ideal team members should

have skills in working with cryptocurrencies. 

Create your ICO token

In this step, you get to create ICO tokens that you intend to distribute to your investors and

supporters. while creating your token, it is vital to incorporate the total supply, balance of, allowance, transfer, transfer from, Approve functions in the smart contracts.  

Write a White paper

A typical white paper should contain the purpose and features you are envisaging from the

initial coin offering. In addition to that, a white paper should contain the details of your product, description, commercial applications of the token, etc.,  

Ensure security factors 

Before launching an ICO, it is important to put up security measures in place to ensure that

stakeholders do not lose their funds. Creating an escrow wallet and assuring compensation

in the event of project failure can help to enhance the client's trust.

Launch an ICO Website

Generally, launching an ICO website requires enough time and excellent resources. Also, it requires certain factors like the ICO roadmap, the company history, ICO information, media representations, etc., Mainly the website has to keep up with the security features to sustain. Without technical assistance, this is going to be a difficult task. So, if you are a startup willing to raise funds by launching an ICO, the feasible way is to hire the right ICO development company. One such company is Zab technologies. It is a prominent ICO Development company that offers the best services for ICO development.

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