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Tips to launch an crypto crowdfunding platform

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In recent times, massive audiences actively indulge in crypto business activities to make a passive income. The crypto platform emerges to be a better platform for money-making in a compatible and secured layout that sounds good for the users.

Crypto crowdfunding is one of the effective platforms in the crypto space to raise capital for business. The crypto platform supports various crowdfunding platforms such as ICO, STO, IEO, and more. However, the ICO and STO are the most preferred crypto crowdfunding platform in the crypto platform to launch a crowdfunding platform.

How to Initiate crowdfunding campaign?
As an Initial state, hold a business idea
Draft whitepaper
Create a token
Launch an ICO/STO website
Focus on marketing

ICO is a remunerative solution to raise capital for the business project by promoting the project to global investors. In addition, the ICO platform is easy to launch as it does not require any legal compliance. ICO supports utility tokens that can be traded effectively as you can create a token and use the token for fundraising. An ERC20 token is a fungible token hence it is supported by the ICO platform to foster quick fundraising, ERC20 token includes multiple advantages.

The STO platform is an improved version of supporting a real-time asset value for fundraising. The security tokens are generated on the blockchain based on the real-time asset value that might include physical commodities as it requires legal compliance. The STO platform comprises security tokens including Debt token, Asset token, and Equity token

As you can launch your crypto crowdfunding platform in a facile state by using the ICO/ STO as per your requirements.

If you would like to launch a crowdfunding platform in a hassle-free state by saving your effort and time, approach a good service provider for crypto crowdfunding platform development.

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