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what cryptocurrencies are you trading right now?

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One tweet from elon musk and the crypto market is all over the place.

i'd like to know what crypto pairs you are trading right now.

I liquidated everything i had. I want to build a new porfolio of coins to hodl.


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Keep an eye on birdchain BIRD token.
Grab lots of it now on pancakeswap
It has the potential of reaching $1 in the upcoming months but its now under pennies

This one will pump like crazy
how do i know?
They have announced the launch of a defi and nft platform in the upcoming quarter.

Go see birdchain roadmap

Even better, they've got an app to get the bird tokens for free.
here it is:

Go play around with it and see what you get but in my experience it rewards well.

recently i have been swapping busd to bird on pancakeswap to get more of the coin to hold and also LP tokens as bonus. i tell you, this will pump like doge
Want to swap Birdchain BIRDs, go directly here

i have already bought 1M birds locked and hold in the birdchain app

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