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What is Bithumb Clone Script?

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In the present world, various technologies are growing faster than others.  Likewise, blockchain technology has its own path of growth. When we talk about blockchain technology, the term cryptocurrency exchange will also be one of them. In Crypto exchange, the user can buy and sell cryptocurrencies. There are some top crypto exchanges that are ruling the crypto marketplace. One of those top cryptocurrency exchange platforms is Bithumb. 


Do you know how Bithumb exchange is related to many entrepreneurs??

Bithumb is one of the leading Cryptocurrency Exchange platforms which is called the most influential cryptocurrency exchange in the marketplace. Because it has 8 million active crypto users. Bithumb has a current trading volume of more than 1 trillion US Dollars. After seeing the huge ratio of trading volume and active users, many Entrepreneurs showed their interest in building their own Cryptocurrency exchange like Bithumb Exchange by using the Bithumb clone script and making a huge profit from it.    


What is Bithumb Clone Script?

Bithumb Clone Script is a ready-made crypto exchange clone software and includes all updated features of the Bithumb exchange. An added benefit of this software is that it can be fully customized according to your business needs. By using this script, your own exchange can be easily developed within a week at an affordable price. As the clone script is fully customizable, you can also add/manage the additional security features and any functionality to your crypto exchange platform which makes things easier for your users. 


Some of the standard features of the Bithumb Clone Script :

  • Cryptocurrency Wallet Integration
  • Admin Dashboard
  • IEO Launchpad
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Multi-Currencies support
  • Market Orders


Some of the extraordinary security features of the Bithumb Clone Script :

  • SSL Integration
  • HTTPs authentication 
  • Data encryption 
  • Two-factor authentication 
  • SQL injection prevention 
  • Anti Denial of Service(DoS)
  • Cross-Site Request Forgery(CSRF) protection 
  • Server-Side Request Forgery(SSRF) protection 


If you are an entrepreneur interested in launching a crypto exchange platform like Bithumb within a week at an affordable price, then you can choose the best Bithumb clone script in the marketplace. Now you may be confused about who is the finest crypto exchange script provider??? right! Let me make it simple for you by suggesting one of the top cryptocurrency exchange clone script providers - Coinclone. They have 5+ years of experience in delivering crypto exchanges and successfully developed 100+ projects with outstanding features for their global clients. 


You can also contact their expert’s team, to get more clarification about the Bithumb Clone Script. They will respond to you shortly


For Free Demo, You can contact their team experts.

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