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[legit] earn daily free and easy crypto coins with some bonus games - PipeFlare

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Within this faucet, you will have more than only a claim of 3 crypto currencies every 24 hours, you are also able to earn additional bonuses with some games and airdrops.

PipeFlare Faucet

A very new provider, since the middle of 2020 with a good structured website. Pipeflare also offers more than just a faucet, they want to become a game provider with bonus system (that is written on their website). At the moment there are only three games with a ranking, but remember the offer is also very new.

Facts about PipeFlare

Start of the offer: mid of 2020
Register Link:
Type of offer: Crypto Faucet and Reward Games
Cryptocurrency: Zcash (ZEC) / Doge / FLR
Revenue claim: all 24 hours
Payout types: corresponding wallet address
Minimum payout: ZEC is paid out directly, Doge higher than 1.0
fees: no

- fast payout
- Games with bonus
- Supporter System
- good bonus system
- all wallets possible
- less advertisings
- clean and prober website
- 9 languages
- SSL encrypted

- Claim just everyone 24 hours
- Flare tokens have no value yet

Bonus System
Pipeflare offers a fairly generous bonus system.

supporter Bonus
details about the supporter level are in the end of this article, because this feature is a special of Pipeflare.
With the support bonus you can get a x1.5 or x2 increase in your claim.

login bonus
is x1.05 daily and on the 6th day PipeFlare will offer a special bonus of x2 to x3.5 in addition there is a bonus round every 6th day in the form of a slot machine with the possibility to receive more Zcash coins.

social media bonus
Link different social media accounts to improve your bonus:
Your e-mail address, Twitter, Linkedin or Facebook
0.2X at 1 Account linked
1X at 2 Account linked
1.2X at 3 Account linked
1.9X at 4 Account linked

brave bonus
With the use of the Brave Browser you will receive an additional reward of 2x.

Referral bonus
For every referred friend or. new users to Pipeflare will be granted a bonus:
1.1X from 1 Referrals
1.25X from 3 Referrals
1.5X from 5 Referrals
1.75X from 25 Referrals

In addition to this bonus, a special raffle of Zcash credits is offered for the first 5 referred user. A small slot machine with the chance of up to 5$ in ZEC.
Another addition is a monthly toplist, the 10 best referrer, that means:
the more users you could win for Pipeflare per month you can get different prizes from 2$ on place 10 up to 175$ on place 1 (also here is the output in Zcash)

Payouts of earned coins
Three different currencies can be earned at PipeFlare, with three different payment types:

  • Zcash is paid directly to the corresponding wallet without any fees (below you will find a payment proof)
  • Doge Coins will also be paid to the corresponding wallet address, but only, if one Doge is collected within PipeFlare.
  • FLR, Flare tokens or flares, stay on Pipeflare itself for the first time, the tokens are not tradable yet. As soon as FLR is tradable, Pipeflare promises this 1:1 to exchange. At the moment the tokens can only be used as upgrades in your games.

PipeFlare Paypmentproof

Claim on PipeFlare
One click every 24 hours, very easy and not too time consuming like many other faucets.

Pipeflare Zcash Claim

Games on PipeFlare
PipeFlare offers at the moment 3 small games. All 7 days the high score will be evaluated and the 300 qualified places get Zcash (on Pipeflare itself there is still DAI, however, that has probably changed to ZEC).

I was in all of them until shortly before the reward would be given out 3 Top lists in pretty good places, however, the last 3-4 hours before the reward many players will join the games, so that you really should have a very huge high score to get into the rewards.

PipeFlare Games

Airdrops on PipeFlare
In addition to all the possibilities, there are also Flare token airdrops, Depending on how many FLR tokens you have, FLR or ZEC will be paid out to you automatically from a certain pool (where ZEC is reserved for supporter levels)

Special features of PipeFlare
In addition to the offers already mentioned, it is also possible to register as a PipeFlare supporter. Here there are 3 different types where you can support PipeFlare every month with a small amount 2$ to 25$ .. Depending on the supporter level, you will receive higher bonuses, better airdrops etc. Each supporter level is explained in detail on the website.


My experience with PipeFlare
PipeFlare is characterized by little advertising and immediate payout, the offered games let you stay a bit more longer on the website and offers you the possibility to earn some more coins with fun.

All over a well-rounded offer, the airdrops are another plus.

Register Link:

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