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TOP 17 REAL paying Faucets ! Out of 1000 faucets Tested.

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Hi there,


I will spare you the time and work looking through these 1000's of

fakes and unreal large min-withdrawals.


TOP Faucets

#1 (autofaucet) :





Payment to direct to wallet or micro-wallet. Easy as! Very high loyalty rewards, Higher level more you get, pretty simple. Get what you put in 🙂


TOP Wallets and Micro-wallets

(Wallets - optional)

(Micro-wallets required)

If you want more autofaucets message me and i will tell you more.  Didn't want to flood your brain with soo many likes but those top 3 i hit every day and are the highest and best payoffs.






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Faucet.Asia/Unlimited Claim DogeCoin
*0.001 DogeCoin per Claim
*Unlimited Claim
*No Minimum Payout
*No Pop-up ads
Just register on the site using the faucetpay wallet address, then you can claim unlimited dogecoin. He instantly withdraws, automatic into the faucetpay claim. Just reload the site everytime you claim.

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