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Why BixBCoin?​

BixBCoin upgrades the traditional blockchain-based traditional payment system and adds
value to your money. A powerful, safe, and reliable asset has been built for you to pay and
transfer bixbcoin across the border without the controls by banks and intermediaries

Accessible Digital Currency​

An always accessible digital currency with no storage expense that,

of course, creates value. BixBCoin speed, accuracy,

and safety let you make easy and safe transactions

Follow this link to start now

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Any DeFi or crypto project needs a marketing strategy to be successful. Why would people choose one crypto project instead of the other? How would they know about a particular company?

Potential investors and traders are flooded with all sorts of information. The company must somehow get the message through to potential clients and investors to get their attention. News portals related to crypto and finance industry may be able to provide such channel. However, major portals and news sites are beyond reach for the DeFi or crypto startups. Medium range ones like for example, can be affordable even for a new company and provide a necessary marketing boost at the same time.


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