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Libra dragon maining crypto game

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The game was developed by UPLibra and a game company. In detail, UPLibra is in charge of the game’s technology, and has taken over all aspects of LibraDragon.
UPLibra chose to develop a blockchain game because UPLibra believes that the blockchain will reshape our Life, first and foremost, is the game industry.
In the future, blockchain games will become one of our main ecosystems.
UPLibra has created a new game team, hired a professional game designer and redesigned the game.

Libra dragon token(LDT) 

2.1 billion game tokens (ERC20) issued using ethereum are in circulation.
The ecosystem includes a base level public chain, in-game transactions, advertising system, game social system, game license distribution, etc.
The Libra Dragon is just the beginning of the ecosystem.
LDT won’t just be used in Libradragon games!
And with the addition of other services, LDT will be universally available for all products.
For LibraDragon games, a total of 100 million LDT was allocated.
For more information on the LDT ecosystem, please wait for the LibraDragon White Paper to be published.

You can earn about 2 weights per day, at least.

The game was created with the support of facebook

What do you think?

Check in  : https://urlid.ru/c7fi


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Hi. Blockchain games are not just about entertainment. They carry out an important mission, namely, they introduce people far from the crypto world to the blockchain in an interactive environment. This is an important step towards mass adoption of the technology. Therefore, I do not stand aside and decided to try blockchain gaming. They tell me that you can make good money on such games

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