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[Neonious Biotech] Crypto-paid MD-Simulations next to Crypto mining

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Hello everyone!

We are a startup called Neonious Biotech and are currently in our pre-ICO. Our mission: "We are building the largest network of computers running molecular dynamics simulations, rivaling expensive supercomputers built for medical research."

A molecular dynamics simulation is a tool, which allows us to see what happens in the cells, at a scale where no light microscope works. More precisely it is simulations of the movement of atoms and molecules on a computer which helps to design and audit medical drugs in order to make them more reliable.

The idea is, that we are building a network out of people who would like to run our software for MD simulations and getting in return their share of what the research groups pay. It is somewhat similar to the Golem project, but we are actively talking to researchers, and we are using an established software called GROMACS for it.

Our company has already been talking to researchers and research groups and receiving positive feedback. This resulted into the first paid MD simulations already being scheduled for September 2021! The sponsor of the first paid MD simulations has enough MD simulations in the queue and has committed to a good portion of these simulations on the Neonious network.

To get this done, everyone will be invited to take part by installing the Neonious MD simulation software on their computer and run MD simulations in exchange for MDSIM tokens which can be traded to real currency. Currently, this software is being tested. A public beta test is scheduled for mid-July 2021.

If the test is successful, we expect to receive large contracts. Until now, the researchers we have talked to are really interested in the product. The reason for this is that the research grants are usually not that massive, and they are into alternatives which are cheaper than cloud computing and supercomputers.

Our software will be able to get installed next to your favorite crypto mining software. Our software can switch off crypto mining for the duration where there is an MD simulation order and turns it back on afterwards (scriptable). This is profitable, because researchers pay more for the MD simulations than you can generate with Ethereum mining. For a full day of MD simulation, with a GeForce RTX 3080, that is $ 15, for a month $ 450.

You can find more information at:   
(e.g. about details like the MDSIM token we will use, etc.)
You can also register now to get an update about the start of our beta test (planned for July).
Complete timeline:
-   Beta test in July
-   Then we have a security audit    
-   The final version will be online in August, ready for our first simulations early in September.

We really look forward to the collaboration with you!

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Hello everybody! We have news regarding our Neonious simulation software and the possibility to earn money with it. The current beta version can now be downloaded at  . Have a nice day!

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