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New extension for your mining farm - HarmostyHash

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Hello guys!

I decided to present for you my private extension for the mining farm - HarmostyHash
This extension is suitable for both cloud mining farms and real ones. I have been using this extension for six months, and its sale was unsuccessful, so I decided to just merge it to you. Over this extension, I puffed about about six months, and created it personally for myself, so that it would help in the work of my mining farm.

What is good about my extension?
- Reducing the electricity consumption of your video cards (does not affect performance)
- Acceleration and overclocking of graphics cards for greater productivity
- Boost megachashes per second by squeezing power out of your graphics card
- Work with in-block mining services, complete analysis, and unlock the threshold of your farm operation
- Real-time analysis and delivery of complete information about your mining farm
- Temperature control, as well as overload of your farm
- Multiplying the productivity of your mining software
-And a lot more, it will be easy to understand the expansion

You will not find such an extension in the public domain anywhere, and most likely after its drain, after a while I will launch its sale, so I advise you to even just download it for the future.

The control panel of the extension is simple and intuitive, even a 10-year-old child can handle its configuration.

I would be grateful for feedback on this extension in this topic, so if you do not find it difficult to leave a review about its work.

Download link - (click) - password 123​

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