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Pi. Mine free coins via an app!

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Pi started more than a year now, and chances of it being a generally accepted currency are steadily increasing.


If you havent heard about pi, It is a new digital currency developed by Stanford PhDs, with over 7 million members worldwide. The beautiful part is it can be mined effortlessly on your phone (!) and does not depend on processor or network make it the most efficient mining process i have ever come across. All you need to do is check up in the app every 24hours and click ‘mine’, after that you can close the application, switch off your network if you want and it mines passively using cloud based technology.


This could be worth alot a year from now or in a few years if this project is successful and when brought onto an exchange. Mining rates are declining as more people join this project.


The app is free. Registration cost just one minute and nothing to pay! Just be part of this exciting project and mine automatically free coins.


So what are you waiting for? You have nothing to loose


To claim your Pi, follow this link download the app and use my username (robje737) as your invitation code and lets earn together.


Enjoy this project, enjoy the ride!

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