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Zaloot’s (ZLOOT) - The first social media cryptocurrency to reach mainstream adoption? Upcoming IDO on Binance Smart Chain.

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In the coming months AppZaloot is launching an IDO of our in-app currency Zaloot’s on the Binance Smart Chain. Read our WhitePaper at 


The worlds of social media and delivery services have not merged in the past. Both realms are fraught with issues that have been ignored by the leaders in those ecosystems. It is not news that the social media terrain is plagued with companies that are interested in making insane profits with little care for their users, and the same can be said for the delivery industry.  

Traditional social media is geared towards gathering information concerning the users and selling it off to third parties. Social media users are forced to see invasive ads, hi-jacking their attention and disrupting their social experience. Many e-Commerce and delivery services charge extortionate fees to their customers and partnered merchants, and do not offer rewards for customer loyalty.  All these reasons and more need to be altered. This is where AppZaloot comes in. 

AppZaloot is a new platform that is set to disrupt social media and delivery share apps, with the aim to provide a more user-friendly and ethically focused app, without imposing unwanted advertising on the users.  A truly exciting social media app with a Global Rewards Programme and cryptocurrency (ZLOOT), with real world uses and demand. This is a game changer in the social media and loyalty rewards marketplace. 

Zaloot's value:

Merchants are incentivized to use Zaloot's to purchase ads in the dedicated advertisement feed.

Merchants must hold Zaloot's in their account to be part of the AppZaloot Rewards Program to offer their customers loyalty rewards.

Users will receive discounts for goods and services paid for using Zaloot's.

As the user base grows, the demand for Zaloot's will increase. Supply is limited to 1,000,000,000.


AppZaloot is an all-encompassing app, combining the core features of traditional social media and delivery service apps with an added focus on connecting local communities.  

Here are some of the features of AppZaloot (visit our website for the comprehensive list or download our whitepaper) 


Local Feed – Set your radius from 1-25km and see posts from any users within your local area. 

Global Feed – Follow your favourite clubs, businesses, celebrities, news and more. Connect with your global audience. 

Friends Feed(No-Advertising)– Clean and simple feed to connect with your friends, without any advertising. 

Local Map – Find anything in your local area from live music, to pop-up markets to lawn-mowing services. 

Discounted Offers Feed – Local businesses can advertise special discounts in the moment to the users in the area. Two seats left before the new movie starts? Snap them up for 50% off. 

Crypto Rewards – Merchants on the platform can join the AppZaloot Rewards Program (ARP) to offer customers loyalty points which can be exchanged for goods and services across all merchant partners internationally.  

Funding Community ProjectsA percentage of all advertising revenue, (rewards revenue and general advertising revenue) goes into community funds arranged by postcode/area. In future iterations in the app, local members can create and vote on useful community projects for which the funds can be used. Once a project has been verified, the funds can be released to support the most popular project. 

Referral Rewards(On-going passive income) 

AppZaloot users can refer new users/merchants to the app and will get a referral payment every time their referrals make purchases with an AppZaloot loyalty member through the app.  

Food/package delivery(Coming soon) - A large part of AppZaloot’s delivery system may not be disclosed at the moment, but below are some features we intend to incorporate. 

  • The merchants (restaurants/retailers) will pay far less commission. 
  • The customers will earnZalootsloyalty rewards for using our service. This will also create a use case for Zaloot tokens.  
  • We intend to take better care of the delivery riders/drivers.
  • Every bit of revenue we earn, a percentage will go back to local community projects.


So as you can see, AppZaloot has big goals. We believe that the systems that we spend so much time on can be revolutionized to benefit the users so much more. AppZaloot is already a fully functional App with active users and a quickly growing user base.  We are not going to build something, we already have!  We are just going to make it bigger and better! 

Visit to find out about what our App currently does and watch our videos.  You can also see some of the media we have generated. 

AppZaloot will be expanding across Central and SE Asia as well as Europe in the coming months before opening globally. Come and join us and help us spread the word.  

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