GramFree ( Crypto + Telegram + faucet )

GramFree ( Crypto + Telegram + faucet )
GramFree ( Crypto + Telegram + faucet )


💥SUPER GramFree💥

Paying 1Gram is a cryptocurrency based on a TON blockchain platform developed by Telegram. A feature of Gram is the high speed of transactions cryptocurrencies.Start For Free Now GramFree. You have the unique possibility of access to the new Gram technologies. It is a new platform with incredible opportunities.Make money online for free every hour !

Smart Contracts:

You watch videos, you win Grams, you make videos, you gain Grams, you invite friends you win Grams, …. You can win grams every hour with the faucet, earn more money !!! Remember that grams are redeemable for cash or other cryptos. Smart-Contracts are inexpensive and super fast!

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Currency has never been so fast.

TON is faster than Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains and can even outperform Visa and Mastercard in transaction speed – we talk about more than a million transactions per second.The chain of records of all operations will not be stored on the computers of all users, it will be divided between Telegram users.The Telegram Open Network (TON) platform aims to meld the features of its messaging platform with cryptocurrency and blockchain. The Telegram Open Network (TON) describes itself as a fast, secure, and scalable blockchain and network project, reportedly capable of handling millions of transactions per second.The Telegram Open Network (TON) will utilize Gram tokens, with an estimated launch date of 31 Oct 2019.
  • TON Community Launches Free Version of Telegram Open Blockchain Free TON Blockchain and tokens are launching today by the decentralized community, which claims that Telegram needs to step away from the project.
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