Not PayingInvestish.net Review: Scam or Legit? | Promising Paying Program

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Investish.net Review: Scam or Legit? | Promising Paying Program
Investish.net Review: Scam or Legit? | Promising Paying Program

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Investish.net Reviews

Investish.net is a high yield investment program. It offers an investment such as 7% Daily Forever and 230% After 40 Days. The withdrawal is processed manually and the affiliate bonus is 6% – 9%.

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Add Time:09/02/2020
Minimum Deposit:Only 20 USD
Minimum Withdrawal:5 USD – For Cryptocurrencies 15 USD
Referral:6% – 9%
Accept:Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Payeer, Ethereum, Litecoin

What is Investish.net

Investish.net is a high yield investment program or HYIP. Investish HYIP has 4 investment plans. these plans paying daily. According to the amount of investment made on this project, it is possible to have a return of 230% Daily After 40 Days of profit income.

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About Investish

This is what Investish.net said on their website about their investment activity:

To some, the concept of investing can be an alluring one, but with so many options available, it can be difficult to decide on what the best options are. Even in instances where the returns look to be profitable, those that unsure of how and when to make investments may find that they’re not able to reap the rewards they’re looking for. Fortunately, the art of investing doesn’t have to be a solo venture, and Investish is able to showcase just how simple investing can be.

Investish Features:

  • Worldwide
  • Wide Trading Experience
  • Pro-Management Team
  • Fast Withdrawals
  • Strong DDoS Protection
  • Reliable Investment Plans
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What is the minimum deposit?

The minimum investment limit required to join the site is only 20 USD. This investment program does not charge any hidden fees to users who make a deposit.

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Minimum Withdraw Receive Payment

The minimum withdrawal amount is only 5 USD for Perfect Money, Payeer and 15 USD for cryptocurrency. There is no maximum limit.

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Accepted Payment Methods

You can use Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Payeer, Ethereum, and Litecoin payment methods. You can choose any of these payment systems or cryptocurrencies to make a deposit or request withdrawal.

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Investment Plans

The investment plan of the Investish.net project. As mentioned earlier, this project offers 4 investment options to its investors and this plan paying daily.

  • 4% Daily Profit

Investment period: DAILY FOREVER
Minimum Investment: $20.00
Maximum Investment: $4999.00
Principal return

  • 5% Daily Profit

Investment period: DAILY FOREVER
Minimum Investment: $5000.00
Maximum Investment: $9999.00
Principal return

  • 6% Daily Profit

Investment period: DAILY FOREVER
Minimum Investment: $10000.00
Maximum Investment: $14999.00
Principal return

  • 7% Daily Profit

Investment period: DAILY FOREVER
Minimum Investment: 15000$
Maximum Investment: $∞
Principal return

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Affiliate Program

You can invite people to their investment platform and promote their site using banners, text ads, social networks, messengers and any other legitimate ways. They offer 2 levels of referral commissions: For direct referrals, you will get a commission of 6% – 9%. You can surely make a lot of money from the referral commissions you get.

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What commissions can I get from the affiliate program?

Investish offers a two-tier affiliate program that allows you to receive from 6% to 9% instant income from investments of your personally introduced referrals and 1% from investments made by people invited by your first-line referrals.

Can I get back my initial deposit?

No, your initial deposit is included in daily earnings and is not refundable.

Does Investish charge any fee for providing investment services?

No, Investish doesn’t charge any fees. The profit Investish receives from overall investments is enough for Investish. Investish doesn’t need to charge any fees for transactions, however, payment processors may charge you with receiving fees, and Investish has no control over that.

How long will my investments be active and bring me income?

We offer unlimited investment plans, which means you’ll receive income all the time while the company is doing our business.

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