Review: SCAM or LEGIT?

4.1 Review: SCAM or LEGIT? Review: SCAM or LEGIT?
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Minimum Deposit:25 USD
Ref. Commission:5%
Accept:Perfect Money, EpayCore, Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Tron


About is a high-yield investment program or HYIP that offers 10% daily for 15 business days as a minimal investment. HYIP is an online investment program that typically offers very high returns on the capital invested.

Investment plans: 10% daily for 15 business days (deposit included), 15% daily for 10 business days (deposit included).

10% daily for 15 business days (deposit included)

  • Min. deposit: $25
  • Min. deposit: $100000

15% daily for 10 business days (deposit included)

  • Min. deposit: $5000
  • Min. deposit: $100000

This is what said on their website about their investment activity:

TWINANCE – an investment brokerage of the future. The TWINANCE platform has disrupted the traditional investment services industry by opening this market to the everyday person, all while providing the same level of safety you can expect from the incumbent banks and brokerages. While previously limited to the prosperous few, the peer-to-peer (P2P) lending platform, as well as other services such as online consumer and business loans, is what levels the playing field and increases accessibility to the previously cautious financial industry.

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Investment Plans

Investment plans: ‘10% daily for 15 business days (deposit included)’, ‘15% daily for 10 business days (deposit included)’.

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Affiliate Program

The affiliate commission is 5%.

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Minimum Deposit?

The minimum deposit is 25 USD.

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The withdrawal is processed manually.

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Accepted Payment Methods

The accepted payment methods are Perfect Money, EpayCore, Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, and Tron.

Disclaimer:- Suggested service or sites reviews are based on the information we have at the time of posting. Know that crypto Investments are always risky — any info on should not be taken as financial advice. Perform your due diligence before joining with any service we promote.

  1. Thanks Phillp your review was helpful

  2. I have had my own share of crypto scams due to referrals from this site, I lost a lot of money and i was still told to send more money to unlock my account because my balance was non-spendable or something. Sadly i couldn’t count on the police so i reached out to a company that helped. “[email protected]” and luckily for me, I was able to get my money back. They showed me how every bitcoin transaction is traceable. Your crypto first goes to the scam wallet, from there bitcoins will travel through some proxy wallets to cover the tracks. But, every single transaction is recorded in block chain. So your bitcoins can be traced to endpoint, which is some bitcoin exchange market where they are exchanged for real money. And then the exchanges in questions will have records of who received the money and how they received it. Contact them if you’ve similar issues, You’ll be grateful that you did.

  3. They are scam platform they logged me out of my account and disabled my account database until they logged me out of my account
    Thanks to Cryptochargeback team that helped me to recover my funds
    You can reach to then via website
    http://www.Cryptochargeback org


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